Friday, August 11, 2006

matt stops by starbucks on a sleepy friday morning

Matt: May I please get a grande drip with room?

Barista: Oh, um – sorry! Our coffee brewers aren't working this morning so we don't have any regular coffee.
(she makes a pouty face, then brightens)
Can we get you an Americano instead??

Matt: Mmmm – I don't really want an Americano. Let's see…you probably don't have iced coffee brewed either…?

Barista: Yes we do! Do you want a grande iced coffee?!

Matt: Yeah.
(holds out $2, which covers a grande drip.)

Matt: Can I assume I'll get the grande iced coffee for the price of a normal grande coffee, since you didn't have what I wanted?

Barista: No, we don't have the regular coffee today! Sorry!

Matt: Yes – I understand, but since you can't give me the regular coffee I wanted I'm not going to have to pay more for the iced coffee, right?

Barista: OK, your iced coffee is going to be $2.22 with tax!

Matt: Uh-huh, but a grande drip is under $2 with tax. I only brought $2 with me.


Barista: I LIKE coffee!

Matt: Ugh. Here's my credit card.

Barista: Alrighty - you have a great day sir, mm-kay?!!

Matt: *sigh*
(slow burn)

The end.


Blogger gumbee said...

Hi, I have randomly landed on your blog. Stop by mine and leave a comment to be entered into a sweepstakes I'm having. The prize is a piece of my artwork.

6:54 PM  
Blogger Big Daddy said...

Oh man! Two posts in two days. Yay!

Holy moley. 'Stacey' is loco. She is 28, married to a 60 yr. old dude, trying to solicit cash from the blogosphere.

6:11 PM  
Blogger Taylor said...

starbucks must put something in their coffee to get people to come back. even people i know who normally don't patronize chains love them some starbucks.

10:43 AM  

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