Thursday, October 05, 2006

up and down and up and down

Up: Having sex with the hot neighbor two Saturdays ago.

Down: Finding out he came down with a cold on Sunday. By Thursday afternoon coming down with it myself.

Up: Hitting the road to S.D. on Friday. Four-day weekend baby!!!

Down: Driving across Nebraska.

Up: Listening to the new Scissor Sisters and Justin Timberlake CDs about five times each. Favorites: "Paul McCartney," "The Other Side" and "LoveStoned."

Down: Kicking off five consecutive nights of getting approximately two hours of sleep per night on Friday night.

Up: Going to the college homecoming parade with my niece on Saturday morning. She likes to get her groove on when the marching bands go by.

Down: Mixing an unwise amount of DayQuil and margs on Saturday afternoon/evening and ending up an unresponsive lump on the couch watching hours and hours of The History of Drugs on the History Channel. Love that shit. People were fucked up back in the day.

Up: Waking up to the most beautiful fall day ever on Sunday.

Down: Spending the day with my grandpa in the nursing home, seeing how badly he had deteriorated since I'd been home in July.

Up: Having my niece bring a ray of sunshine into my grandpa's room when she arrived. Having her tell me I'm her best friend (cut to my extremely jealous mom). I AM really entertaining to be around. Well, at least if you're four.

Down: The drive back on Monday. Eleven of the most excruciating hours of my life. First time I've ever pulled off the road to try to sleep. I couldn't.

Up: Getting home alive!

Down: Finding out on Tuesday morning that my grandpa had died during the night.

Up: My parents offering to pay for me to fly directly into Aberdeen for the funeral. And that wasn't cheap.

Down: A disappointing Creative Marketing Seminar at the Adams Mark on Tuesday. Totally for sales-type marketers. And the coffee was terrible.

Up: Getting to hang with L. at the seminar all day. Mocking the fugly attendees and the overly-perky/non-politically correct presenters, having lunch with wine at Maggiano's, and skipping the pointless final session to drink beers and play darts at the Supreme Court.

Down: Having to come back to the office after the beers because I'm so far behind on work.

Up: Finally getting back to the gym yesterday and sweating out all the sickness, stress, DayQuil residue, etc.

Down: Having to choose between the Project Runway reunion show and the season premiere of Lost. Lost won.

Up: The hot neighbor coming over at 10:00 with Mike's Cranberry Lemonades (??) and his hot, hot body.

Draw: Another night of far too little sleep…but I didn't once think about work or funerals or the fact that I wasn't sleeping!


Blogger Actions and Consequences said...

I need lithium to read this blog.

Hey i'm sorry to hear about your grands

1:33 PM  
Blogger Big Daddy said...

'Paul McCartney' is one of my faves.

My condolences on your grandfather.

I passed you by Market Street station last night, but you looked 'in thought', and thought it best, to stop you.

4:01 PM  
Blogger Taylor said...

sounds like you're keeping life interesting ...

sorry about your grandfather, i lost my last one back in april.

and stay warm, i saw where it was like 30 something during the broncos game this past weekend.

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Jason said...

I love "Lovestoned" and the last song on the CD, its a nice ballad.

5:58 PM  

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