Monday, September 25, 2006

random thoughts after the lunch hour

Hello – I obviously haven't been in the mood to write lately, but the good old blog has been gathering a lot of cobwebs so I'll try to rattle off a few thoughts.

There's some crazy shizz going on outside my office building right now. Lots and lots of fire trucks and cop cars and even dudes in Hazmat suits. Rumor is that someone received a suspicious letter/package on the 27th floor.
So lame.
Anthrax is so 2001.

I had forgotten how a hot, crazy, hardcore sex session can work your muscles like nothing else. I work out three times a week and after having sex all Saturday night my legs are so outrageously sore I can barely walk.
Heh heh.
Of course I'm not expecting any pity here.
But I can't help but wonder…if I had a boyfriend who was as good at sex as this guy would I have the most unbelievably buff legs EVER??
I'm going to keep almost every detail of this little rendezvous totally secret, but I just have to spill one little tidbit. Guess who it was with? The guy who heard me baby-talking to my cat! Ha – score one for pet baby-talkers everywhere!!!

I'm digging fall so much, but it always seems to be gorgeous during the week and then cold on the weekends. Like every weekend for the past month. It's bullshit.
Although yesterday actually turned out to be pretty nice, and I sat outside the REI Starbucks and drank green tea and massaged my sore legs and kept watch for hot bicycle riders' asses in tight stretchy shorts.
I'm driving home on Friday for a long weekend, and I'm excited to see diverse foliage. All the leaves here just turn gold.

Well, fall TV has begun and so far everything is pretty good. I watched The Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives last night and they were entertaining. Last week I watched Studio 60 and really liked it a lot. Even though I always violently hated Matthew Perry on Friends I liked him in this show. I think Survivor has been totally lame so far – and that has nothing to do with the whole race thing. It's just boring. I purposely stayed at home last Wednesday instead of going to meet a bud for a drink, only to have Bravo air repeats of Project Runway.
For shame Project Runway.
For shame.

Has anyone else seen any other must-see TV shows?

There's a chance I might get to attend some sort of an early preview breakfast at the new Denver Art Museum tomorrow. A coworker of mine is a member and if her friend has to go to jury duty, I'm in! Otherwise I'll have to wait until October 7th like everyone else to check it out.
And I really do prefer to get special treatment.


Blogger Big Daddy said...

'The Class' on CBS at 7 is kind of cute.

4:21 PM  
Blogger Actions and Consequences said...


I can't find that cat story to refer to and how did you get from that story to hooking up?

5:18 PM  
Blogger hot babe said...

Anthrax IS so 2001.

I can't believe you posted on my brthday, but then didn't do an all out tribute to all things Jen. Whatever. We are so toally breaking up.

But I will tell you that you should watch Kidnapped on NBC. Sooooooo good.

2:07 PM  

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