Friday, October 14, 2005

alternative to working

I broke my vow after two days and drank tequila again last night. By 11:00 I had that glassy-eyed/stumbly thing going on. On the walk home from J.R.'s I had to stop at the Wrangler to pee from too many 50 cent beers, and while the bouncer was carding me, I fell into him. Yep. Fell right on him. He still let me use the bathroom, but told me I was cut off. Good man.
Needless to say, sitting at work right now is not the most pleasant experience in the world.

I need someone new to root for on Survivor, but all the players are a bunch of douche-bags, so I'm left with few choices. I was in love with Stephanie, and then she had to go and use the "g" word on last night's episode. I'm sorry, but I can only accept someone referring to something as "gay" if that person is gay or a fag hag. Or in junior high.
I say, let the monkeys have their way with her.
And don't ever lump that waste-of-oxygen Bobby Jon in the same category as us fabulous gays again. (I'm not saying I wouldn't sleep with him, but there would have to be a strict no-talking rule. Hmmm – that's a double negative, but I can't think of a way to avoid it.)

I'm over The Apprentice. I'll probably still watch it from time to time, but it's the SAME DAMN THING every week.
Apprentice…you're fired! (sorry, I had to go there….)

Coming back from lunch with G. and L. (shout out to L.! congrats on your engagement!) earlier in the week I saw a couple outside of Virgin wearing matching his/her Scarface jackets. Has anyone else seen these atrocities? Unbelievable – I had to resist the overwhelming desire to put out my own eyes. Still, props to them for obviously not caring in the slightest what others think of them or are saying behind their backs.

I'm going out with the boy tonight. I know maybe it's a stupid idea, but I never claimed to be the brightest something in the something (I'm too tired to think of anything clever to insert there). If it goes well and we fall madly in love, I will only speak of him positively on this blog from now on, and you will all forget that I ever ragged on him. If it goes poorly, I will continue to slander his character per usual. Cool?

I had lunch with G. today, and she used the phrases "hood" and "hymen broke on the green carpet" while I was eating a guacamole/sour cream-covered La Salsa quesadilla. *urp*
Shame on you G.! *shiver* Ewwww!
ps – the phrases were referring to things she heard at a lesbianic poetry reading/art show last night, not personal experience…heh heh….

I saw my ex with his new boyfriend last night, and it made me really sad and scrunchy (hence, the drinking binge, at least in part). I know I broke up with him and I should grow up and get over it and blah blah blah, but I can't help it. Sometimes (i.e. most of the time) my feelings are completely irrational. It also doesn't make me feel any better that it took him about 2.2 seconds to find someone new to replace me. If I'm so great, and he was so crazy about me, how about a little mourning period?? Jesus. Some people really should spend more time thinking about me and my happiness and general well-being.

All right – we're getting close to the home stretch here. I can hear a big, juicy nap calling my name.



Anonymous Jason said...

Is this the boy that set up 2 dates at the same time? Shame, you can do better. But at least someone is getting some tonight.

4:41 PM  

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