Tuesday, April 18, 2006

i love summer

OK – I'm calling it.
Even if it is still April and we could have a surprise snowstorm at any moment, I'm calling it. It's summertime! I'm bringing out the summertime party attitude!
We've had the most beautiful week. Today is a little chilly, but my god - it was gorgeous on Sunday/Monday!
This kind of weather makes it absolutely impossible for me to stay home at night. Especially when it's now still light outside much later. I seem to be going out running around having fun every night of the week. Spending money I should be saving for my upcoming trips.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night I went and sat out on bar patios and drank beer and enjoyed life and friends and the warm evening breeze.

Saturday was a little cloudy with sporadic rain, but you really need at least a few days like that every spring. We could actually use a nice, all-day-long rain shower. Poor Denver is always so dry.
Saturday night was G.'s birthday party. It was fabulous and respectable and lovely. G. and I suspected that was because there weren't 1,500 jello shots this year.
Then I hit Tracks for a bit, but I wasn't really feeling it. Soberness and Tracks don't mix.

Sunday was the best. I rolled out of bed around 10:30 and immediately went to the park to catch some rays in preparation for my vacation. Afterwards I went to G.'s parents' house for a fantastic brunch – we're talking ham, salmon, croissants, French toast, salads, quiches, fruits, veggies, mimosas, cake, and on and on and on.
After all that food and champagne I took an almost two-hour nap and then went to a cute little dinner party in Lakewood. All the straight boys there groaned when they were outnumbered by the gay boys who insisted on turning the channel from Die Hard (bleh) to Desperate Housewives. And I swear the straight boys ended up getting a bigger kick out of the episode than us.
Then I swung by JR's and got groped and kissed and generally manhandled by boys who were overly intoxicated from the beer bust. Hot.

Tonight it's happy hour downtown and then I'm hooking up with my Wrangler buddy. Turns out he's a flight attendant and unfortunately seems to be out of town most of the time, but tonight he's here and we're going to get reacquainted. I'm pretty sure there is no romance involved in this situation in any way, but we have amazing sexual chemistry.

Go summer!


Blogger hot babe said...

You're bringing out the summertime party attitude? What was the last 7 months? A slowed down version of the summertime party attitude? If I partied as much as you did, I’d flunk out of school, be unemployed, knocked up by an unknown loser, probably have an STD or two that I wasn’t aware of, and my family would be holding an intervention to get me admitted to Hazelden. We all know I can't handle my booze.

9:33 AM  

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