Thursday, April 06, 2006

gay man walkin'

I'm still walking to work.
I guess I'm getting used to it. Meh…
Apparently walking is fairly decent exercise after all because I've been waking up mildly to moderately sore every morning this week. I even felt justified in skipping the gym on Tuesday since I'm a walking bitch now.
Everything is fucking breaking down at the gym anyway. The stairmaster has been out of order since January and now the elliptical is trashed too. We're down to the evil stationary bike and three treadmills. Lame. So, so powerfully lame.

My walks up and down the mall have resulted in a few unexpected gay run-ins.
This morning alone I bumped into three gays.
I saw a shorty who works at a local gay bar who tried to go down on me two Prides ago in G.'s bathroom while G. and another guy that I really wanted to hook up with were standing just outside. I stopped him from going there and ever since he won't talk to me. Whatever. So I got a nasty little glare and head toss from that bitch somewhere around Market Street.

When I hit Welton I saw a guy I slept with last summer. We hooked up the week before he was going back to New Zealand. He just moved back to Denver last month and he's working downtown now. Nice guy. Fantastic lips.

And then one block later I saw the gay brother from last January. The one who bit and sucked and chewed the hell out of me right before picture day at work. He's one of those guys that cleans up REALLY well for work. Great hair.

By that point I started to feel a little slutty but then I thought, what about the hundred or so people I passed on my walk that I haven't had a sexual encounter with?


I mean, when you think of it that way, I'm practically a virgin.


Blogger Big Daddy said...

I'm thinking about making shirts that say 'I'm kind of a whore'. You want one? Kidding.

See, walking is the point that the movie 'Crash' was trying to make; we get stuck behind the wheel and become distant from each other.

I actually miss my RTD commute after driving all this week. Traffic sucks. At least with RTD I get to be outside and smell the tulips. Didn't realize I was such nature buff.

3:35 PM  

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