Monday, September 19, 2005

notes from the weekend

I think I've had a "Fatal Attraction"-esque one-night-stand.
Three Saturdays ago I was drunkenly dancing at a club at about 1 a.m. and this guy approached me. We made out (I know, I know – I hate PDA too, but we all make mistakes), he drove me home and I invited him in, and so on. We had fun but overall he wasn't my type, and I made it clear when we got up in the morning (or so I thought) that I wasn't interested in dating, or having him take me out to dinner, or anything romantically-related.
I've seen him out the past couple weekends and he will not chill out. He keeps cornering me, he grabbed me and tried to make out with me in the bar bathroom, he's talking to all my friends about me and why I'm being so distant, etc. He even liked my shaved head so much that he shaved his too. Ugh.
Now I know what it feels like to date a chick – JUST KIDDING.
Maybe I will take him up on the offer for free dinner. I'm broke and in the mood for sushi. On the other hand, I don't want my beloved pet boiled.

My hair has almost grown back enough to use product again! It's still a bit too short, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for next weekend. I want to be spiky!

It can be a real pain in the ass to take care of a friend when they're wasted. My buddy and I went to a club in Union Station on Friday night. We wanted table service, but didn't want to pay for it, so we mooched off of some guys that we vaguely knew who had table service. And that meant free vodka. Lots of it. I don't care for vodka so I stayed fairly in control. My friend got so bombed that during the four-block walk back to my place he sat down on the ground three times. Then he started shouting filthy obscenities at some perfectly innocent people having a quiet drink out on their condo patio. Then he had to have another beer when we got to my place, even though he most definitely didn't need it, and only ended up drinking about two sips of it. He insisted on sleeping in my bed, grabbed me inappropriately, and hogged the whole bed and all the sheets. I woke up at 10 a.m. but had to just sit on my couch and watch "Roseanne" and "Headliners and Legends" until he finally got up - at 2 p.m.
Love him.

Please, for the love of god people, enough with the plastic charity bracelets. Admittedly, I've hated these since they first made their appearance well over a year ago (or was it even longer than that?). I knew they were trouble when the biggest hoser in my office showed up with a Lance Armstrong bracelet back when they first came out. If I see someone wearing one I immediately dismiss him or her as someone undeserving of my attention. Although I do see them on men almost exclusively. Kudos ladies.
Now, this doesn't mean that I don't whole-heartedly support giving to charity. I gave to hurricane-relief, and will be donating money as well as walking in the Denver Race for the Cure next month, but I don't have to wear a cheap piece of plastic on my wrist to advertise it. I think it's sad that some "genius" had to invent a way for people to advertise the fact that they've given a measly dollar or two to charity so everyone could know they've made a charitable contribution and that they're such a good person.
I firmly believe, with everyone's help, we can wipe out plastic charity bracelets in our lifetime!

I had Wahoo's Fish Taco for lunch yesterday, and I do believe menu item 3B with blackened fish, black beans, lime juice and extra green sauce is one of my favorite meals on earth. When I first saw the name "fish taco" a couple of years ago I had to chuckle a bit because my friends and I used that expression to refer to something else entirely when we were in junior high, but once I tried it I was hooked.

The Emmys were OK, but I was disappointed in a couple of the winners. "Lost" won, which rocks, but I was really rooting for "Six Feet Under." And I wanted Francis Conroy to win. And enough of "Everybody Loves Who-the-Fuck-Ever." "Arrested Development" was robbed. Sorry if you like ELR, but my parents like it, and that's enough of a reason for me to turn my nose up.
My favorite part was the nominations for variety show writing. Hilarious. And Jon Stewart's little video segment.
I was a little surprised that Felicity Huffman won over Marcia Cross, but then when I thought about it I realized she deserved it. Bree still rocks my world though.
I laughed and laughed when I saw Cynthia Nixon's teeth in her TV movie. I wouldn't have believed they could have made her teeth look worse if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

There is a beautiful, beautiful man who works out in the gym at my complex. I've never had any interaction with him because I'm always listening to my iPod at the gym, and am extremely antisocial while working out, so I never talk to anyone. But yesterday he came up to me and asked if I knew what the final Broncos score had been. I said no, that I don't really follow the Broncos. And he kind of laughed and said he doesn't really either – he just likes to know because everyone in Denver is all Broncos-psycho and it's good information to have for random conversations. Then he asked if I knew where the remote was so he could change the station from sports to "The Simpsons." And he had kind of a higher-pitched gay voice! Yeah! It looks like he shaves his body though. Not a big fan of that, but I could get over it.

The moths have come to Denver. I absolutely hate moths. I don't know why, but they freak the shit out of me. Luckily, I have a little ace up my sleeve – my cat Ernest. He loves playing with moths, torturing them, and then eating them. A bit gross, I know, but it's how he earns his keep. He eats spiders too. Good Ernie!

I found out I didn't get the other job I applied for. Sucks. I was positive that I would get one of those two jobs. Guess I was a little too cocky. Back to the drawing board….


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Oh my gosh, that dude IS creepy, he liked your shaved head so much he shaved his? WTF? We queers take our hair very seriously, this shoots him straight into the stalker realm, please lock the doors and hide your rabbit!

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