Friday, September 16, 2005

it's a marketer's life

I am a god of marketing!

Please excuse me while I pat myself on the back profusely.

While I do sincerely like my job, after being here for three years I sometimes find myself caught in a quagmire of routine and boredom.

But I've found one of the biggest characteristics of architectural marketing is the "feast or famine" syndrome. Either I'm sitting here for days and days praying for something interesting to do or I'm slammed beyond belief, putting in extremely long days and nights.

My Marketing Director came to me early in the week and told me that we had gotten off the hook for putting together an intensely hard and huge proposal for a developer for a very important urban redevelopment project here in Denver. Then on Thursday afternoon around 2:00 she came back and said we had to be in Cherry Creek at 4:00 to meet with the developer. Turns out we were going to be in charge. And the proposal was due on Friday afternoon.

From that moment on I've been attached to my desk, frantically putting together a 100-page, 11x17, contractor-filled work of art. I've never whipped out a proposal that big so quickly. And it looks fucking amazing. If I do say so myself. And I don't even have to because the principal of the development firm was just here and said it for me.

The only reason I'm going on about how fantastic I am is because as I was sitting at my computer at 7:00 this morning I realized how much I've learned at this job and how far I've come in my marketing skills. I mean, really, my background isn't in marketing. My education was in public relations, which really is a whole other beast altogether.

However, any skills I used to have in the field of PR have gone unused for so long that I'm afraid any self-respecting PR firm would be reluctant to hire me.

But maybe marketing is my true calling. It allows me to strategize, make industry contacts right and left, keep up my writing and editing skills, develop my skills in all sorts of computer programs, and yet still have enough relaxation time so I don't go completely mad. And I get to be the hero every time we win a new project.

I just need to make more money! And have many, many underlings who fear me.


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