Thursday, October 27, 2005

so long, suckers!

I wanted to sit down and write a nice, long blog entry today, but I had shit raining down on me all day. Why is it always like that the day before you take some vacation time? Seriously, I planned on coming in and having a fairly easy day, leaving at 4:00, hitting the gym, etc. and now it looks like I'll be here for another couple hours. Blech.

And in addition to this work stuff, I'm trying to get ready to leave for Minneapolis tomorrow morning. All the tasks I had planned out in preparation for leaving seemed very simple two days ago but have now exhausted me.

So I've printed out my airline reservation stuff, reserved a shuttle to the airport at 8 a.m., gone online and searched through three websites to find a wedding present (and trust me, two days before a wedding, all the good shit is already taken), ran to two card shops to find the perfect card, gone to the bank to get cash, stopped by my favorite shoe shiner to get my dress shoes all spiffed up (but he was gone today...bastard!), and called my friends in Mpls to arrange rides/places to stay/etc.
This is in addition to what I'm supposed to be doing - namely, working!
I guess that just leaves stopping by Rite Aid, picking up my dry cleaning, doing laundry, and packing. And getting my ass to bed early. I've been out late drinking the past two nights and I think my liver needs a night off.

So, anyway, I'm getting the hell out of this town and will be back next week!

Deep down I know this story is very sad and somewhat troubling, but it is Halloween weekend after all!

The past couple of days I've seen that video all over the place of the Chinese boys emoting to the Backstreet Boys. First on the Today show, then on a coworker's computer, then on my own computer after a couple people forwarded it to me. I have to admit, the boys are pretty funny, but does anyone else think the boy on the right is also really cute??

Happy Halloween you little monsters!


Blogger Matt S. said...

Oh my gosh, that story is horrible. At least people didn't think she was a pinata, and beat the shit out of her.

Have fun this weekend in Mpls, drop me a line if you want.

2:08 PM  
Blogger hot babe said...

Hurry! I need me some Matty.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Kiddo78 said...

HA! I kinda thought he was cute too! Well, it's 7:30 and I still haven't heard from you! Where are you? Guess I better call HotBabe to see what the scoop is...

6:29 PM  
Blogger hot babe said...

I miss you already. Move here. *kisses*

5:37 PM  
Anonymous duane said...

I think it is weird they let her hang there like that... but, I really don't put it past people.

As for the backstreet boys impersonators, I just don't see the humor there... maybe if it were someone I knew... Oh well!

9:56 PM  
Blogger Stacy said...

well,you got back from MN a while ago...where is your amazing race post???

6:40 AM  

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