Thursday, November 10, 2005

doo doo da doo doo

Fuck. I am SO lacking motivation at work today.
I have junk to do, but I just don't feel like doing any of it.

I did get some good news first thing this morning. We won an airport project that we've been chasing for about a month now. That makes two wins in the past two weeks!!!
(I'm extra excited because we were on a streak of about ten losses in a row. I was starting to feel emasculated. Impotent. Ineffective. Weak. Overpaid – ha!)

There's a meeting going on in one of our conference rooms right now for a big transit project my firm is working on. They've got architects, city officials, and all sorts of contractors in there. And a few of them are HOT. So all morning I've been walking back and forth in front of the open door, pretending to be really important and busy.
And for what? So that maybe one of the hotties will see me and think, "DAMN – who is that fine-looking Marketing Coordinator? I've got to get me some of that!"?
Then he'll chase me down the hall and lay a big, huge smooch on me, and then we'll run off to Canada and get married or some shit? Please. I'm pathetic.
I really need some male attention. Soon. Having been totally out of it and drugged half the time for the past ten days distracted me for a while, but now I can feel my spirits rising (among other things). Granted, I did have a grande coffee this morning, but I don't think that's the sole reason for the upturn in my mood.No worries though. I'm supposedly meeting up with the fuck buddy on late Saturday night/early Sunday morning! That oughta' make me feel better. WOOF!


Blogger Kiddo78 said...

Seriously. Are we twins?! I do the same thing. Except in my case, it's any guy in my building with whom to exchange eye-contact...There's no cute boys on the 19th floor (except for myself, of course)! HA

11:57 PM  

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