Tuesday, November 08, 2005

happy and sad

I'm not quite sure whether I'm manic or depressive today.

It is a beautiful day in Denver – it's already 77 degrees downtown. I mean, it just doesn't get much better than that in November. So that makes me happy, even though I'll be stuck inside working all day.

In the negative column, I just can't seem to get better. I'd thought I'd hit the peak of my cold at the end of last week (and I even stayed home on a goddamn Friday night to take care of myself!) and then yesterday around 4:00 I started going downhill again. My cough kicked in and I was sneezing like crazy, and then all of a sudden I couldn't breathe through my nose at all. Then I got home and got all crazy-nauseous. So I played it cool and sipped on some Diet Sprite and went to bed at 10:30, only to be woken at 2 a.m. with a violent stomachache that kept me up until sometime around 5:00. Boo!

On the bright side, TV last night was great. Arrested Development did not let me down. The scene where George Sr. thinks he's scaring straight a bunch of juvenile delinquents when he's actually talking to a bunch of gay teenagers was classic. And Charlize Theron turns out to be mentally retarded?? Brilliant.

I'm less than thrilled that they've taken the Roseanne double-take off Nick-at-Nite at 9:00. That was my standard go-to 9:00 show. And I'm anti-Cosby Show right now. Bastards.

Thanks to the kindness of friends I haven't had to spend a Thanksgiving by myself for the past few years. Last year G. cooked up a fucking frenzy and made a full Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings for me and two other people. The year before that I went to her parents' house, had a great meal, too much wine, and passed out in front of the fireplace. The year before that, I had the great big gay Thanksgiving at J.'s house – full of gay guys, lesbo bodybuilders, and one very irritated former spouse of J.'s partner.
This morning I had a message from J. inviting me over again this year. He promised there wouldn't be nearly as much drama this time. Too bad. I love drama - that doesn't involve me, that is. But maybe I'll get to see that CUTE guy I met at J.'s AIDS Walk BBQ last summer.

The ex-priest has called me three times since Sunday night. He finally left a message this morning asking me if I want to grab a drink tonight or tomorrow night. Great – now I get to deal with all that. I know, I know – my behavior on Sunday was less than discouraging…but…shit – I can't afford to take ANOTHER bath in holy water. That shit's expensive! And it burns.

I MIGHT have a very distant, slight chance of getting another job interview. I had kind of put that whole search on hold until at least after the holidays – partially because my work/social life is going to be very busy up until January as it is, but mostly because we get our holiday bonuses on December 15th! I'm very lucky at my firm because we get bonuses twice a year – in December and in June. It's so nice to get that chunk of cash.
Anyway, my friend works at an ad firm and they're hiring. I've never done any work in advertising, but I have been working in public relations and marketing for the past few years, and how far of a stretch can it be to transition into advertising?
Anyway, it seems like a good opportunity to at least check out.

I've felt so lonely for companionship the past month or two. I want a boyfriend again. I know I can't just snap my fingers and make it happen, but I'm hoping if I focus my energies enough it will at least slightly increase the likelihood of it happening.
I obviously spend quite a lot of time at gay bars, I hang out at the bookstore for at least a couple hours every weekend, I'm a coffee house junkie…I don't know. There must be a better place to meet men. Like, some sort of gay organization or something? I have to admit, the thought of something like that kind of weirds me out. Just seems too desperate.

I'm sad that the days are getting so short and the temps will (eventually) be dropping, but with the sun lower in sky I get a lovely sunbeam on my desk every day, shining on my face, from about noon to 1:30. Lovely Vitamin D. Makes me so sleepy though – especially after only getting about four hours of sleep last night….


Blogger Matt S. said...

Last ngiht episode of Arrested Development was a classic. That show is amazing.

We all have our rollercoaster days. Hopefully you get out of the rut and be good as new tomorrow.

Oh, and the priest, that is effing creepy.

2:49 PM  
Blogger Kiddo78 said...

2-3 months? Try 2-3 years! Naww...most time I'm fine being alone, but I have my moments too.

The priest thing is disturbing. But aren't glad you provided someone else a laugh at your own expense??

If we ever play the drinking game "I Never," I totally know what I'm using..."I never had relations with a current or former priest..." You'll have to drink!

5:36 PM  
Anonymous duane said...

I love that holy water burns you... I thought I was the only one. Anyway, I am with you on meeting people; but for me, it is meeting friends. James and I always want to meet other couples, and since other couples are like us (stay at home people... no, I am not saying homebodies bitches), it is hard to. If you find out anything, let me know!

5:37 PM  
Blogger hot babe said...

Ex-Priest calling you? Satan stand behind me!

Unless that job interview is in Mpls, I want to hear nothing about it.

7:14 PM  
Blogger denverboy said...

Oh yeah!
That's what I should have said.
In fact, it was a priest in high school who taught me that expression when faced with temptation - "SATAN STAND BEHIND ME!!"
Can you imagine what the dude would have thought if I had screamed that out in the bathroom?

8:47 AM  

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