Thursday, November 10, 2005


BR-AV-O Lost! Bravo.
I loved last night’s episode. It hadn’t been on for a few weeks and I needed a fix.
So, I raise my glass to Lost: You made me give a shit about Shannon; you finally brought back Claire and her creepy destiny baby; you freaked me out with the Others stuff; and you totally made me go, “Oh no you DID-ENT!” at the end. And – best of all – you had Boone in a flashback. Gorgeous, even with that weird trashy Carol Brady hair (was that hairstyle supposed to signify the mid-90's or something?). Tra la la la la. I’m happy.

I’m STILL nursing this goddamn cold so I sat at home and watched my buddy Anderson Cooper 360 afterwards. Who need Roseanne at 9:00 when I can have A.C.? Is he not perfection? I love his voice so much. And his mouth, his eyes, his hair, his heart-shaped face.
God, if I could just get rich and just get famous and just get hot maybe I could meet him. Maybe I could do something crazy and highly illegal and get put on the news and he would report on me! Hehehehe-heehee.


Blogger Kiddo78 said...

"I wah'nt allowed da see that pitcher show..." Know what that's from??

11:59 PM  

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