Friday, January 06, 2006

dancin'! and coffee bitch

Dancing with the Stars is back! Yeah!
I feel the need to elaborate: I'm not particularly interested in either ballroom dancing or C-list stars on their own, but somehow the combination of the two of them makes me as giddy as a schoolgirl.

I saw most of last night's episode. I did miss a couple of the dances. I didn't see Drew Lachey dance (although I did see Nick sitting in the audience – love you baby!! Stay strong!!) And I had to leave the room when Master P decided to dance like an awkward junior high boy with no self-esteem.
I love, love, love Lisa Rinna both because of her being Billie on Days and Taylor on Melrose Place but mainly for her gigantic lips. And her partner Louis is gorgeous and swishy and I would totally molest him.
I'm also rooting for Tatum O'Neal - for no reason in particular.
And if Jerry Rice gets some better fitting pants I'll be in his corner too.
I seriously just get SO NERVOUS for all the stars attempting to do these crazy dances. And when they do well I jump up and cheer and clap. I'm a total loser. I'm aware, I'm aware.

I'm all in a reality-TV fever baby! I've got my DWTS, Survivor will be back soon, and I'm even considering watching The Bachelor this go around only because the dude looks HOT. Of course, watching a bunch of chicks go after a guy that I'm crushing on can only lead to pathetic frustration. And I may watch American Idol this year, partially because they held auditions in Denver this time. I may see some little twat I know from the gay bar get shredded by Simon. Heh heh. It's the little things that make life worthwhile.
Does anybody know when The Amazing Race starts again?

And, hey! My dark mood has lifted! I'm not sure what did it. Maybe the fact that it's Friday? Or that it's almost 70 degrees in Denver today?

Oh – also, I noticed two things about the new Starbucks they just opened in the 1700 Broadway building.
One, there's a really cute guy working there. Totally my type.
Two, the first time I stopped by I recognized one of the women working there, but I couldn't figure out how I knew her.
Then all of a sudden I remembered. She's the fucking bitch who got me suspended from Starbucks almost four years ago. Now, those of you who knew me back then know that I needed to get out of that job and into the real world VERY badly and that I was in fact TRYING to get myself suspended, but that's not the point. The point is that she was some douche bag wench who was temporarily training to be an assistant manager in MY store, and if anyone should have noticed my innappropriate behavior it was my own store manager.
But no. This bitch actually went and told on me like a five-year-old would, and to this day if I saw her in the desert dying of thirst I wouldn't offer her a drink of water and I would let the vultures have their way with her (sorry, I was channeling Sue on Survivor there for a second). I would step on her neck and continue on my way to…wherever the hell I'd be going in the stupid desert.
So the first time I went there to get coffee the first thing I heard her say was something rude and demeaning to one of her coworkers. I know I should let it go, but I feel like saying something to her so badly. Nothing filthy, but something clever and biting and demeaning. Something about how she'll be steaming egg nog *gag* until she's well into her 70's while I get to work at an intellectually-stimulating, well-paying job where I get to sit my lazy ass in an ergonomically-designed Knoll chair and write pointless blog entries whenever I want.
I don't know. Something like that.


Blogger hot babe said...

No Project Runway? But it's so good. No really, sooooo good.

And I know why you like Lisa Rinna- a la Basic Instinct & my infamous comment to you.

6:13 PM  
Anonymous paul said...

What amazes me is the Starbucks at UMB Bank Building is still PACKED with customers. I don't think they're telling customers about the new store.

5:30 PM  
Anonymous denverboy said...

I know Paul - I feel like right now it's my little secret Starbucks. I don't want all those fools finding out about it!

Hotbabe - you're filthy. Just think, if we hadn't lived on the same floor freshman year I might still be a pure, sweet boy like my mother always wanted me to be...

9:20 AM  

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