Friday, April 28, 2006


My sister is engaged.
My little sister.
Is getting married.
With the ring and the dress and the church and all that.
It is so strange to me.
Yeah, she's been living with the guy for almost four years and they have a kid, but it's still strange.
My little sister is getting MARRIED.

The word strange starts to lose its meaning after you type it a couple times.
It looks like strang-ey.
Really – just stare at it for a minute.

I was in Chicago most of this week. I love that city.
It's a hell of a town! (Frank Sinatra is my god.)
It really does make Denver look like a podunk mountain shanty-town.
I was actually working my ass off the whole time I was there, so I didn't really have a chance to get out and explore much.
I have to say that there are a lot of really good-looking men there! Damn….
Anyway, I stayed at the Benham Hotel, which is really swanky, and got to eat at a couple nice restaurants. I tried swordfish for the first time. It was awesome. Got to love charging the firm for expensive dinners! And I rode the subway AND I saw the office building from Adventures in Babysitting. The one that Sarah hangs out of.
"Ohhhh Brad…."
I have a picture of it I'll post later.
It really did get my blood pumping to go from a 40-person office like mine to their 170-person office. They have a team of seven marketers there. Each person focuses on a few specific areas of marketing. Comraderie like that is nice.
And it makes everything seem so much more urgent and important.
"Matt, I'm going to need that press release stat! And did you get those quals sent over to Fisher Davis?? They're making that decision about the merger today!!"
That's not actually one of our clients or even something that an architectural marketer would probably even say, but whatev.

I was less than thrilled when I discovered that my firm's office manager had booked me a middle seat (bleh!) on my flight to Chicago between a 92-year old man (seriously) and a chatty Midwest lady with HUGE hooters and a bad perm. I had barely clicked my seatbelt when the old man said, "Hey, look at that – Maddox went 4-0," pointing at the sports page.
I don't have the faintest idea what he could have possibly been talking about, unless for some reason Angelina Jolie's kid was featured in the sports section that day.
The two of them seriously talked my ear off the entire two-hour flight. And if I stopped talking they would just talk to each other over me. It was like some sort of bad dream. I was all scrunched in.
But if you think there's any way I can be rude to a 92-year-old or a sweet Midwestern mom then you really don't understand my personality at all.
But honestly, I don't think he looked a day over 89.

Last night I got out again in Denver. Ended up at JR's. There were scotch hoochies there. They'd come up and give you their little schpiel (how the hell do you spell schpiel?) and then you'd give them your (fake) e-mail address and then they'd load you up with weird and wrong scotch drinks.
Like - an apple scotch martini? Isn't that the most fucked up thing you've ever heard of?
Right now I feel all weird and floaty sitting at my computer. Like my head is floating over my body or something. It must be because of the scotch.
Someone bought me a shot of tequila in exchange for kissing their shy friend. After I kissed him we just stood there awkwardly with nothing to say. But then I saw Paul standing on the stairs and ran over to talk to him to get away from shy guy. It's the first time I've ever talked to him in person. And he's very good-looking and seems very smart and sweet. And he's not afraid to whip out a filthy story. Which makes me like him even more.

Yesterday was "Take Your Kid to Work Day" here.
I think it's pretty funny. I'm sure it's an enriching experience for some kids, but all I saw around here were parents sitting their kids down with a bag of potato chips and a soda to color in their picture books or play computer games all day while they went about their normal activities.
Yep. "Take Your Kid to Work Day" - it's an experience your child will never forget!


Blogger Big Daddy said...

Same with most of the kida here at work as well.

I wondered why I hadn't seen you on the mall on my way home. I figured you were out of town. Good to have you back.

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