Tuesday, August 09, 2005

sad tv

Whew - after the past few days my emotions need some R&R.
First, my good friend (who I used to date) told me last Thursday that he was moving back down south after failing to find a good job here in Denver. And that he was moving on Monday. Nothing like a little advance notice! So we hung out on Friday night, and around 3am (after many, many $1 well drinks at the gay strip club) ended up in bed together. And we had a drunken, sweaty BLAST! Better than anything we ever did when we were dating. Such a shame. Now he's suddenly gone.
Then final episode of "Queer as Folk" aired on Sunday. And while I slept through the first half hour, and only made it to my friend's house in time to catch the last 15 minutes, I still got all depresso. I have to admit, the show had gotten a bit cheesy and preachy the past couple of seasons (a BOMB in the club??? Brian proposing to Justin??? Lesbos moving to Canada???). But back in 2001 when I watched the first season on DVD I was totally blown away. I had never seen anything like it before. It really made me feel like there was a whole world of gay people out there who knew exactly what I was going through.
And then the trauma of "Six Feet Under." First, they kill off Nate. Aargh! Then, last night's whole episode dealt with the aftermath, including showing David cleaning Nate's body to be buried. I was literally in tears the whole episode. And after two more episodes the show will be ending too.
Christ - why do shows like these and "Sex and the City" have to end so quickly while shows like "Cops" and "7th Heaven" and "Fear Factor" can go on and on for years?
Honestly - I feel like my precious reality shows are all I have left. Speaking of, I caught the new Kathy Griffin reality show last week and it was brilliant! You must check it out. And watch her stand-up special too. That is one hilarious bitch.

Could I have used any more italics in this post?


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