Wednesday, May 03, 2006

go tv!

Over the past couple of months I had been getting a bit bored by even my favorite shows – I'm talking to you Sopranos. Tony in a stupid coma?? Ugh. – but now things are changin'!

T.V. round-up time! *whipping sound* (cuz I don't know how to type a whipping sound)

The Sopranos is motherfucking good again (the motherfucking is an ode to my hardcore Mafia side).
Poor Vito getting outed and running off to a quaint New England town where he first plays fight club and then just plain plays with the hot diner cook/volunteer fireman/motorcycle-riding, handlebar moustache-wearing hottie. I am afraid that he's toast when the mobsters finally track him down, though.
Christopher going to L.A. and getting back into drugs and then punching Lauren Bacall (!) in the face.
A.J. becoming a club/party guy and attempting to slice up Uncle Junior and then starting to have panic attacks.
Plus a bunch of people getting shot in the head, having the shit beat out of their face, getting their hands thrust into boiling hot pasta sauce, and so on.

AND Survivor came roaring back last week too. This season had been pretty blah-blah and disgusting what with the lack of psycho killer monkeys and Bruce's plugged-up plumbing and all, but then uh-oh. Here comes scheming Cirie!
She's totally fierce and worked all those other sons-of-bitches over like the nasty hookers they are.
*WOW – nice potty mouth on me today.*
Loved it. Stupid hippie chick was gone in a flash and Shane's all, "WTF…?" Hee hee.
I could see Cirie and Terry going all the way. Although I unintentionally read a spoiler on the internet that indicated there had been heavy betting on someone other than one of those two to win – and cheating is suspected. All I know is that Shane and Aras are toast. Aras – you can come to me for some comforting. Ruff! Does anyone else suspect that he's a total flamer? I mean, a yoga instructor? Please…

I was traveling last Wednesday and missed my beloved Amazing Race. Does anyone know who got kicked off?
I can't wait to watch it tonight!


Blogger hot babe said...

I wish I cared about any of these shows... but alas, I don't. I love your potty mouth, though. Rawr.

4:10 PM  

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